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Doctor Who Challenge 2/30

Day 2: Favorite companion

This was REALLY hard, because I had a hard time choosing between Rose and Donna, but my answer is Donna Noble.

Donna Noble is a woman who just wants to marry a nice bloke and have an ordinary live, but somehow ends up in a crazy alien’s “spaceship” in the middle of nowhere on her WEDDING DAY!! So, what does she do??? Does she start crying, does she freak out??? NO! She just SLAPS the one who can drive the ship!!!

 Me and Donna, we were love at first sight. Donna is crazy, sassy and to put it simply, my role model as a woman. She is very aware of what she wants and isn’t afraid to accept her mistakes or her limitations. She is one of the few people who have rejected traveling with the Doctor (at first), and with good reason, too. And then, when she DOES decide to travel with him, she doesn’t wait for him to show up magically, she does everything she can to LOOK for him. She doesn’t let others decide her fate, she does it herself.

She isn’t in love with the Doctor, but cares for him deeply. They are basically just two best friends having the best of times traveling through space. There is no sexual tension and no “ohhhh, the Doctos is SO hot!!!!!”, which is very usual.

Donna Noble will not have your shit, and that’s why I love her.

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